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With all the technologies we have available nowadays, we hear many devices, gadgets and gizmos that are "Smart" - SmartPhones, SmartWatches, SmartTV and so much more. The list just goes on and on and on...

...so why not SmartLights, right?

Nowadays, many of us are walking about and carrying wallets that are BIG and BULKY and I'm sure many of you already know the reason why. We have our credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, membership cards and so much more and sometimes, we tend to have at least 10 cards or more!!

It's no wonder that wearables these days are getting better as time goes by and with the technology we have today, I for one am not surprised of what can be done with it. I'm sure many of you may have already anticipated wearables that's flexible or in this case, a flexible display smartwatch.

A start-up company based in Redwood City, California, Pebble has done it again and this time they've come up with not 1, not 2 but 3 new wearables - Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 & Pebble Core.

Being one of the first few Kickstarter backers for the first Pebble around 2 years ago and also an owner of the Pebble Steel, I'll be looking forward to get my hands on the any of these..

In this fast-moving and tech-savvy day and age, people are turning to devices that will ease their daily routine and at the same time, they wanna look smart and chic while using it. It’s no wonder that...


Yup! That’s right folks!!

10 core processor phones are already here and being a tech-geek myself, I’m sooooo looking to get my hands on one (I wonder when that will be) just to give it a try and check out if this “beast” of a phone is worth the money.

Obviously one would expect when the processor...