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Nowadays, many of us are walking about and carrying wallets that are BIG and BULKY and I'm sure many of you already know the reason why. We have our credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, membership cards and so much more and sometimes, we tend to have at least 10 cards or more!!

Well my dear friends, days of carrying multiple cards and having BIG and BULKY wallets will soon come to pass as the future of payment is just around the corner. Introducing the new wave of payment with Multi SmartCards - where you need only ONE card for ALL your other cards. Let's take a look at some of these Multi SmartCards.

COIN 2.0

SCCoin2Like any other cards you carry around, COIN 2.0 is your standard credit card sized (and most of your plastic cards) and it will minimize the number of cards you need to carry around from now onwards. It stores up to 8 cards at one time and with the COIN app, you can store unlimited amount of cards and choose to use it anytime you want to.


Coin’s second generation device, Coin 2.0, is an EMV-Ready device incorporating NFC technology, giving consumers the ability to transact securely with both contactless and swipe payment systems. Coin 2.0 comes equipped with a slew of new features including:


  • NFC technology that allows users to transact using EMV payment standards
  • An improved dynamic stripe that improves compatibility with certain readers for swipe success
  • Nickname ability for all card types
  • A display that is 2x faster
  • On average, 8% thinner device
  • Simplified back-plate design for privacy

(Security is on by default, and your Coin automatically locks when not in use. If your Coin is lost or stolen, three failed unlock attempts will erase your data.)



Behold the Plastc Card! - This multi smartcard looks slightly better because of its large e-ink touchscreen display and also this card hold up to 20 cards!!!

"Plastc Card has its own magnetic stripe, so you can use it like a traditional card. It will also include hardware to support new payment technologies such as EMV and NFC contactless payments."

Here's a look at what Plastc Card is all about.

SCPlastc4Contactless NFC
Plastc has partnered with FitPay to enable contactless NFC payments. Support for select PNOs and banks will be supported at launch with additional support to follow.

Contact EMV
Plastc Card is built with the hardware to support EMV payments however support for EMV will not be available at launch. EMV requires Plastc to have relationships with payment networks and banking institutions to be able to support that technology. Firmware updates will enable this technology.

Magnetic Stripe
Plastc will work anywhere in the world that accepts magnetic stripe cards. It has its own programmable magnetic stripe so you can use it like a traditional card.

Plastc’s Wallet App is equipped to support traditional and QR barcode cards.

Secure Pin
Each Plastc Card requires a four digit personal identification number (PIN), you will be required to enter this number on Plastc’s E-ink touchscreen when making changes to your card. You will need to enter your PIN to switch cards or unlock your Plastc, ensuring that no one can take your card and just swipe it.

Proximity Alerts
In the event you leave your Plastc Card behind, our proximity alert will send a notification to your phone. Alerts are auto-set to 100 feet for ‘Left Behind’ reminders, but you will have full control over your settings.

Remote Wipe
Plastc Card offers a ‘Remote Wipe’ feature, which will erase all of the information stored on your Plastc Card in the event that it is lost or stolen. You can choose the time period for your Plastc Card to erase your information, in increments of one hour and up to several days from the time of disconnection from your smartphone. Once you have Plastc Card back in your possession, simply re-sync it with your Plastc Wallet to restore your information.

Emergency Card Mode
Plastc Card has an ‘Emergency Card’ feature, enabled through Plastc Wallet. In the instance that your Plastc Card loses power, it will automatically default to this card to temporarily prolong use. You may change the card selected at any time.

Lock Mode
Before handing Plastc Card over to a merchant you will be able to lock it to a chosen card. When in Lock Mode only the last 4 digits of the card number will be visible. To unlock Plastc Card your PIN code will be required.

Technical Specifications
Payment technologies
Re-writeable Magnetic Stripe (available at launch)
Re-writeable NFC (select support available at launch)
Re-writeable EMV (support not available at launch)


E-ink touchscreen display
312 x 74 Pixels
Flexible bi-stable display
Touch sensor

Proprietary Plastc charger


  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Flexible rechargeable battery (Approx. 30 day charge)
  • Flash memory (Store up to 20 cards)


Let's take a look at SWYP!
This particular multi smartcard is capable of storing up to 25 cards at one time and an unlimited number of cards in its mobile app. The only downside about this smartcard is that according to SWYP, the first generation will be shipped with non-rechargeable batteries.


SWYP's battery is designed to last up to two years but, battery life may vary based on usage patterns and environmental conditions. The company's engineers are continually working on making SWYP more power efficient.


We'll just have to wait and see for the next generation once it is out. Meanwhile, let's take a look at the rest of the other multi smartcards.


Stratos - This particular multi smartcard is different from rest because it's the only one that requires you to have a membership if you want to use it. Here's what the membership includes:

  • Stratos Card, Stratos Reader & Stratos Mobile App
  • Annual upgrade or replacement card
  • App insights and smart suggestions
  • Personalized customer support
  • Future features like virtual card download, EMV contactless & card tokenization


Stratos can only store 3 cards at one time and you all you need to do is just tap the card to activate it and swipe as you normally would like any other card. Double tap for card suggestions on mobile lock screen which you can then select between your three favorite cards using touch sensors.

Below are more details about Stratos SmartCard:

Safer than the cards in your wallet. Stratos uses bank-level encryption and never displays your card numbers. You can set your Stratos Card to lock down if it’s lost or stolen.

Always remember your gift and loyalty cards.
Double tap your Stratos Card to receive instant location - and history-based card suggestions. The more you use Stratos, the smarter it gets.

Simple to use
Your top three cards are always available to use with one touch – with or without your smartphone.
Use the Priority Spot feature to sync another card from your Stratos Mobile App. The LED flashes to confirm that it’s ready to use.

Simple to manage
Your Stratos App stores all of your cards in one convenient place. To use them, simply drag and drop cards within the app to load them onto your Stratos Card.
You can access the details of each card by entering a passcode or using TouchID in the Stratos Mobile App.


  • Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card™ combines plastic cards into a single, smart, dynamic card that is:
  • Universal: The first connected card that you can use everywhere.
  • Smart & Secure: Make smarter decisions with insights & suggestions. Secure your cards with Stratos’ patented security features.
  • More Than A Card: A Stratos membership gives you the latest card innovations, personal services and support.
  • Reinventing your wallet: Just like the iPod reinvented & digitized your CD collection.



Works on: iOS 8 and above and Android 4.3 and above
Size: Standard credit card size
Power: Lithium ion thin film battery - two year average lifespan
Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy
Durability: Flexible, scratch resistant, and waterproof
Color: Available in 5 colors

Key Differentiators
Unique Technology


  • Dual Stripe Technology enables 100% POS compatibility
  • Smart suggestions based on geo-location & history
  • Patented security card lock down
  • Preferred user design & UX
  • PCI level 1 pending; PCI-DSS compliant Manufacturing
  • Custom built manufacturing line & card lamination
  • Custom automated testing
  • Visa/MasterCard certified fulfillment capability
  • Passed ISO 7810 & 7816 tests
  • Exclusive suppliers Customer Experience
  • Membership model
  • Annual upgrade or replacement card
  • Special offers & discounts
  • Personal support including phone, FAQ, social & email

Well, that's about it for Stratos. Let's look at the next multi smartcard...

BrilliantTs Card

I'm pretty excited about this multi smartcard by BrilliantTs. This smartcard stores a whopping 30 cards and it seems to stand out from the rest in terms of features and functionality.

Let’s take a look at some of those features and functionality mentioned:


  • IC Chip, Dynamic Magnetic Strip, NFC, Barcode, E-paper, Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth - Plus, smart application for managing your cards.
  • IC chip
  • Dynamic Magnetic strip
  • NFC
  • Barcode
  • E-paper
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth


Looks pretty impressive, doesn't it? I'm already in the mailing list and waiting on the updates and when this smartcard will be launch.


As you can see from the image above, they will have 3 types of cards for you to choose from. I just can't wait to get my hands on this and if it works as good as it says, I might even get it as gift to family members.


Wocket is known as the SmartWallet because its aim is to reduce the bulkiness of your wallet and to have all your cards stored in one place. Then again, all the rest of the multi smartcards’ aim is to do just that too.

Here are the features of Wocket SmartWallet:

Wocket replaces your entire wallet with a single card and interchangeable accessories to carry cash and other essentials.


  • Extra Card Slot
  • Stitched Leather
  • Emulates Any Card
  • Smart Swipe Technology
  • Physical Signature Strip


  • UNLOCKS WITH YOUR PIN OR VOICEMATCH Voicematch Coming Soon Via Software Update


Display all your card information at the tap of a button. No need to pull out your old plastic cards to make an online purchase!

With WocketPass*, hassling with password managers is a thing of the past. Wocket can even generate secure passwords for you. *Coming Soon

Manage your Wocket with our convenient and beautiful mobile & desktop apps. Available for most leading platforms

So there you have it folks!

These multi smartcards will change the way you make payments in the future and it will DEFINITELY reduce the size of your wallet.