Best Booze Gifts for Spirits Lovers That Aren’t Bottles

It can be hard to shop for the spirits connoisseur in your life. They probably have plenty of jiggers and mixing spoons, rocks glasses and coasters, and way too many useless whiskey stones. And trying to buy them a bottle falls into one of two scenarios: Pick something you can afford and chances are they already have it; or get them what they really want—and it’s way out of your price range. There’s a way to overcome this conundrum. That’s to give them something they definitely don’t already have: a fun, unique, booze-adjacent gifts.

At this time of year, many brands come out with one-off merch that would delight even the most hardened spirits snob, like Old Overholt’s custom nutcracker or Glenlivet’s chic pajama set. On top of that, there are non-branded accessories and gadgets that would make any booze snob happy.

Peruse the options below and you’re sure to find something worthy of every die-hard drinker on your list—yourself included.

Best Booze-Adjacent Gifts to Please Every Spirits Connoisseur

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1. Limavady Dog Collar Barrel

Man’s best friend deserves a good Christmas gift, too. Even if they can’t imbibe the Irish whiskey this mini-barrel contains, they’ll definitely look adorable sporting it around their neck. Plus, pouring drams on the spot will make you the most popular person at the dog park. The name Limavady is rooted in leim an mhadaidh, a Gaelic term meaning “leap of the dog,” and the brand is donating a portion from every sale of its dog collar barrel to Best Friends Animal Society, which supports homeless pups across the country.


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2. Jameson Bottle Tree

This isn’t your kooky aunt’s backyard bottle tree. This tabletop Christmas tree displays 19 Jameson bottles backlit by festive holiday lights, ensuring your seasonal décor stays centered on what really matters: whiskey. The bottles included in the kit are empty, but every purchase includes a full bottle of Jameson Black Barrel. No better reward for being on the nice list, right?


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3. Oduoak
Whiskey and perfume have much in common. Both are distilled, and—single barrels of whiskey aside—both blend different liquids to achieve a balanced final product. It’s about time someone finally combined the two, and who better than talented whiskey blender Jackie Zykan? Formerly with Old Forester and now working on up-and-coming craft whiskey brand Hidden Barn, Zykan uses bourbon as a base for this unisex fragrance line, layering on complementary aromas and 10 variants in names like “Hiker Trash” and “Feral Gent.”
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4. Absolut Copper Gnome Shaker
In Scandinavian lore, the presence of a gnome meant protection from misfortune. We wouldn’t test this cocktail shaker’s ability to, say, prevent a stocking full of coal, but little Felix (that’s the gnome’s name) will surely guarantee all your drinks come out perfectly. And there’s definitely no risk of the potential harmful side effects of mixing alcohol and copper, as the shaker is coated in FDA-approved food-safe lacquer.
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5. Redbreast Bird Feeder
Given its avian mascot, it’s no surprise Redbreast Irish whiskey supports bird-related causes. The single pot still brand has raised money for conservation group BirdLife International for several years through a variety of methods, including the sale of a special bird-feeder bottle, ready to be filled with seed. This year’s edition is bright red copper, cut in an intricate design with a leather loop to hang from a tree. As usual, it’s packaged with a bottle of Redbreast 12-year-old so you can enjoy a wee tipple while the birds gorge themselves.
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6. Jim Beam Kentucky Hug PJs
Can’t travel to see your loved one this holiday season? Send them a cozy hug with this pajama set from Jim Beam. It includes a detachable weighted neck and shoulder wrap that acts as a “hug simulator,” nodding to the “Kentucky hug” of warmth that often comes from a glass of bourbon. Made from soft red plaid flannel, the PJs are designed for all genders and available in sizes up to XXL.
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7. Christmas Ornament Ice Molds
Give your rocks the festive treatment with these custom ornament-style ice molds. Easy to fill and freeze, they’re also stackable and leak-proof. Plus, the 2.5-inch diameter sphere is a great size for slow dilution when you want to take your time to enjoy a pour without watering it down. Just don’t try to hang them on the tree.
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8. Barsys Smart Coaster
Ideal for the gadget lover, this coaster works with the Barsys app to take the guesswork out of cocktail-making. Input your ingredients and choose from among the app’s recommended recipes, or add your own, then commence mindless mixing. The coaster will illuminate to indicate when you should start and stop pouring each ingredient. If you upgrade to the combo that includes a custom glass, Barsys will even do the stirring for you.
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9. Blind Barrels Tasting Kit
At last count, there are more than 2,600 craft distilleries in the United States, yet most liquor stores stock bottles from only a handful. Blind Barrels aims to subvert that limited system and help people discover great craft whiskey they might not otherwise access. Following a familiar subscription model that ships tasting kits quarterly, the samples are chosen through a rigorous blind-tasting process—and are also packaged blind, so users can challenge their own palates and biases. If you taste something you really like, Blind Barrels also sells full bottles.
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10. WhistlePig PiggyBank
Okay, so technically this is a bottle of whiskey, but it’s a truly unique one-off that your recipient definitely doesn’t have. Shaped like an actual Berkshire Bitter pig, the 1-liter bottle of 10-year-old WhistlePig rye celebrates the decade anniversary of the brand’s first “best rye” award, and comes packaged in a box with a slotted lid that can indeed hold all your loose change. Will even the most discerning of whiskey snobs be delighted with a porcine decanter full of 110-proof whiskey? You can bank on it.
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