Encourage your child’s reading skills with The Reading Club story-making app

Bond with your child while practicing their reading skills with the Reading Club app. This innovative story-making app lets you and your child create and use your own stories for reading practice. How cool is that?

Beginner readers need lots of practice and encouragement. With the Reading Club app, they get both thanks to the program’s unique story-making structure and support for parental help.

There are many reading programs and games out there. But if you aren’t a trained elementary school teacher, you may not be sure how to help your child learn to read. This app provides a roadmap.

The Reading Club on a smartphone

Creates stories customized for you and your child

One of the Reading Clubs app’s most important features is its story customization. Via the app, you and your child can set the characters, pronouns, places, and more, letting you tell a memorable and familiar story. So it’s a pretty cool learning program.

For example, the app interface will ask you to choose a family member as the main character so you can select words like parent, uncle, mother, and father. You can even choose their pronoun.

Once you input your words, the app adds them to a default set of stories. So it’s a little like Mad Libs, but for beginner readers. It’s a fun task for young kids because they get to write specific aspects of the story.

If the default set of stories isn’t enough, you can even write your own custom stories using the app’s parser and upload them to your library.

Reading on a tablet (Image Credit: Health Advocate Blog)

Lets you adapt your story to 3 reading levels

A child just starting to read has a different skill level than one who has been reading for half a year. Luckily, this innovative story-making app can adapt to your child’s level.

The Reading Club app’s stories have each been adapted into 3 reading levels—Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced. These levels have been measured using professional formulas like the Flesh Kincaid Reading Ease.

So as you and your child read together, you can feel confident that they’re reading at an accurate and consistent level.

Encourages parents and children to read together

A father and daughter learning (Image Credit: YuriArcursPeopleimages, freepik)

Reading with your child has enormous benefits. According to Healthline, reading to your child strengthens parental/child bonding, listening skills, language development, and more.

Since reading to children is essential, one of The Reading Club’s goals is to help parents and children read together.

Choosing the characters, settings, etc., together builds your child’s engagement with the narrative and with you. Building their reading skills is easy when your child feels confident and supported with you by their side.

Strengthens reading skills

With its interactive interface, this innovative story-making app responds to your input as your child reads each word. Your child can also tap to hear the word and save it to the Word Bank for more practice later.

This is a unique feature that’s a true learning aid. Instead of letting you both forget a missed word, this app lets you save it, making it easy to go back and review.

The Reading Club app in a lifestyle photo

Allows you and your child to set reading goals

Moreover, this innovative story-telling app allows you to set reading goals with your child. For instance, you can set reminders to practice and specify a reading time for each day.

So, if your goal is to read for 30 minutes daily before bedtime, you can set it in the app and receive reminders.

The Reading Club in a YouTube video

Sends you your child’s reading metrics

As your child reads, the app isn’t just sitting idle in the background. Nope, it’s still working, tracking your child’s reading stats.

The app’s Online Dashboard gives you access to your child’s real-time learning analytics and visualizations. So you can see your child’s reading speed and reading time over the week.

It makes learning to read fun for parents and children

Teaching your child to read can be stressful—you want to ensure you’re helping in the best possible way. But it’s important not to forget that reading should be an enjoyable experience for your child and you.

The Reading Club helps you do just that. By allowing parents and children to create their own stories, this app makes learning to read fun and strengthens skills.

Want to try the Reading Club for yourself? It’s free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. What reading gadgets have you used? Let us know!

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