Moment T-Series smartphone lenses come in 6 models for incredible mobile photography

Take your best photos yet when you have one of the Moment T-Series smartphone lenses. This collection of 6 lenses will take your mobile photography to the next level.


– Choose from 6 models: Go for the 58 mm Tele Mobile Lens, 18 mm Wide Mobile Lens, or 14 mm Fisheye Mobile Lens. Alternatively, choose the 10x Macro Mobile Lens, the Anamorphic Mobile Lens 1.55x, or the Anamorphic Mobile Lens 1.33x.
– Total redesign: Crafted to support larger camera phone sensors than the M-Series could, they use 25% more glass, another element, and a larger bayonet interface.
– Incredibly sharp images: They boast increased resolution and improved MTF scores. So these lenses can match the quality of the 108 MP sensors in many smartphones.
– Large interface: Because the bayonet interface is 20% larger, it can support wide main cameras.


Overall, designed to work with all the latest iPhone and Android camera phones, these lenses are future-proof.

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