Bubbly Sunday Brunch at Mosaic


It’s tough to pinpoint exactly how brunch became a thing, as it draws from a number of elements, including social traditions of England and, later, the United States, along with class distinctions, culinary evolution, and even general lifestyle trends.

The tradition of brunch itself can be traced back to the late 19th century in England, where it was initially associated with the leisurely meals enjoyed by wealthy individuals on Sundays. It combined touches of breakfast and lunch, providing an opportunity to enjoy a relaxed mid-morning meal with family and friends. As brunch gained popularity in Western societies, particularly in the United States, it became increasingly accessible to the general population. It became associated with social gatherings, allowing people to catch up with friends, celebrate special occasions, or simply unwind after a busy week – without having to keep an eye on the time.


Brunch offers a leisurely midmorning to afternoon meal of elegance and indulgence


Chefs and restaurateurs, especially in major urban centres like New York, London, and Los Angeles, began to embrace brunch as an opportunity for culinary creativity. They introduced innovative dishes that combined sweet and savoury flavors, catering to a diverse range of tastes. Bubbly brunch, featuring Champagne or sparkling wine, began to be a more and more popular option, adding a touch of elegance and indulgence to the dining experience. Quite unsurprisingly, restaurants and hotels capitalised on the popularity of brunch by offering special promotions and themed events, particularly on Sundays. The ‘Bubbly Brunch’ became synonymous with luxury and sophistication, attracting diners looking for a special treat or a memorable dining experience.

These days, though, brunch – particularly with the welcome addition of Champagne, Prosecco, or bubbly creations like mimosas and bellinis, is a firm fixture around the world, including throughout finer restaurants and hotels in Southeast Asia.

Funnily enough, in many locales, though it’s still called brunch, it really isn’t. Brunch by definition combines breakfast and lunch – a midmorning meal featuring components of both. Many high-end brunches in Kuala Lumpur, on the other hand, really only start around noon or 12:30, and if anything, are more a hybrid of lunch and dinner. You’ll find no scrambled eggs, no hash browns, no nasi lemak, and certainly no cold cereal. But there’s likely to be a tempting spread of seafood, breads, salads, hot dishes, a carving station, and more. Let’s face it, this is lunch. That doesn’t convey quite the same panache, though – for whatever reason – so brunch it remains, with no argument from us. And bubbly brunch? Well, that’s even better.


Taking our seats at Mosaic


In KL, there are quite a number of brunch offerings you can find on the weekends, but for the most indulgent and memorable versions, the list of places offering those is fairly short indeed. One such place is Mosaic, tucked away inside the opulent Mandarin Oriental at KLCC. A lavish buffet spread is a given on Sundays, so book your table and bring your appetite.

From the moment guests walk in, the atmosphere at Mosaic is as inviting as it is luxe. With lush vignettes of KLCC Park peering in from the floor-to-ceiling windows on one end and side of the dining room, Mosaic’s design beautifully swirls together components of lighter-colour woods, moulded plaster, grey fabrics, and decorative, often geometric artworks gracing the walls. And of course, no shortage of those namesake mosaic tiles, seamlessly blending refined Peranakan design sensibilities with a contemporary, upscale setting. Without a doubt, Mosaic is a suitably posh venue for such an elegant, indulgent meal. We took our seats by one of the windows, and soaked in the ambiance. And then we got started!


Numerous live cooking stations ensure near-made-to-order freshness for many dishes


For me, starting with the DIY Caesar salad station is a must, and the one on offer at Mosaic was terrific, boasting not only a wonderful anchovy-laced dressing and crisp, fresh hearts of romaine, but chilled prawns, grilled chicken, savoury croutons, beef bacon chips, and shredded parmesan. There’s also an array of chilled seafood, including crab legs, mussels, prawns, smoked salmon, and gravlax, along with all the trimmings. A Japanese section features a selection of fresh sashimi, sushi, and maki rolls.


A wonderful selection of salads


Fresh jumbo prawns on ice


Savour the selection of cheeses and fresh breads, then move on to an array of cuisines with a selection of delightful specialties. There’s a Western station boasting succulent options such as rack of lamb, roasted chicken, and beef Wellington, along with plenty of side dishes. And tapping in to Malaysia’s multicultural gastronomy, there are delights from around the region with Chinese, Indian, and Malay stations, offering an impressive range of authentic flavours. Presented in cast iron pans, woks, and copper pots or served in individual portions, dishes include Indian classics such as tandoori chicken and paneer, and Chinese noodles, soups, and stir-fries. Most people will also be sure to save a little room for Mosaic’s irresistible pastries and desserts, expertly crafted for a sweet finish to your meal.


Mosaic’s cooks keep busy throughout the Sunday Brunch


Naturally, as far as we’re concerned, bubbles make everything better, so we took the Champagne option. It’s not just any run-of-the-mill Champagne either, but the preferred libation of one British superspy – Bollinger. It’s free-flow, so don’t be in any rush. We enjoyed having the bottle on ice at our table for easy refills. (A second bottle may or may not have made an appearance… ahem.) But this is no Champagne to be quickly glossed over… we must dissect it a bit.


A most impressive premium cuvée Champagne


Let it be said here, with no words minced: All Champagnes are not created equal. The Bollinger Special Cuvee served at Mosaic is a powerhouse choice, one with which I could simply find no fault. This is a premium bubbly, and even though its a non-vintage cuvée, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were sipping on a vintage offering. The Bollinger Special Cuvée exudes the essence of a vintage bubbly, yet it’s in fact a blend of reserve wines aged from five to 15 years, sourced from prestigious grand and premier cru sites across the Champagne region. This medium-gold Champagne offers notable aromas of apple, nectarine, peach, and brioche, with subtle hints of almond. This Bollinger achieves a remarkable balance of fruit, acidity, intensity, and vivacity, characteristic of premium Champagne.

You may have already guessed that this bubbly made a very good impression before even tasting it, and you would be right. But it delivers on the palate, too, offering a dry profile with high acidity, medium alcohol content, and a full-bodied texture, delivering flavours of peach, pear, and dried fruit, complemented by a good Champagne’s characteristic nuances of wet stone. The addition of a bit of subtle creaminess on the midpalate only further enhances its impressiveness. Kudos to Mandarin Oriental for really upping their game with the Champagne served at Mosaic’s brunch.


Is this KL’s best brunch Champagne?


For those not driven to waxing poetic about wines and Champagnes, and still wanting a wee tipple, a fine Prosecco option is also available, or you may also forego the bubbles and just savour the magnificent spread of international cuisines. And a note about the Bollinger – yes, you’ll pay a premium to add this to the buffet, but given the retail price of the bottle itself in the local market, Mosaic’s add-on price is remarkably reasonable. (But please, have more than one glass!)

And for the literalists among us, Mosaic refers to this fantastic dining experience as Sunday Lunch at least as often as they call it Sunday Brunch! Whatever you choose to call it, for a peerless blend of delectable cuisine, five-star ambiance, crisp and refined service, and genuinely one of the finest Champagnes we’ve ever seen offered with a Sunday Brunch, book your table at Mosaic. Highly recommended.


The Western station doesn’t skimp on the indulgent classics



Location & Details

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Sunday Lunch 12:30 to 3:00pm

Reservations advised

T: 603 2330 8798
E: mokul-fb@mohg.com


Colourful fresh fruits are also part of the dessert offerings at Mosaic”}]] 

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